AKC Certified English Cream Goldens


A small family-owned kennel we hand-raise exclusive AKC Certified puppies. We are located near Houston Texas.  These beautiful boys and girls are raised at home in a very healthy and clean  environment where we can  attend to their every need.  Raised with love indoors in a temperature controlled environment and we take extra care to lovingly socialize our puppies as we know that enrichment is extremely important for pups.  We raise emotionally resilient puppies that will be perfect pets.  As a reputable breeder we also provide full DNA testing on both parents through Embark DNA which is linked to each of our dog's AKC numbers.  Our parents have been tested for over 170 diseases and are in great health!  We provide the first shots and multiple deworming treatments with Pancacur and Pyrantel.  Each puppy is microchipped for security and come with a full health guarantee.  Both our Sire and Dame come from individual championship lines.  Our sire, Hillsong Golden's Dashing Through the Snow (we call him "Lucky") has won many championships such as IABCA Best of Breed and International Senior! 


We want our Goldens to grow into confident and trusting and relaxed dogs and therefore raise them in the home where they are exposed to the everyday sounds going on around them.  They get to explore (in a puppy safe area) outdoors and feel the textures of the grass, concrete and tile. It is so essential that Golden's are provided with an enriched environment in the first 16 weeks of their life.  Always there to attend to them, we make sure our puppies have play time, sleep time, feed time  and of course the most important, cuddle time!  


We sell the majority of our puppies before they are born and often have a waiting list.  We are very dedicated to making sure our pups go to a good home and make sure the owners are prepared to care for our sweethearts!   We have never had a puppy returned, and in fact are blessed with many photos and shared Facebook photos of our little angels!



20190506_074341 (1).jpg


Dasher (Lucky) is a solid, muscular boy with a soft and supple coat of pure white hair. Not one to shy away from attention he enjoys cuddling with us and loves to play.  His favorite game is to pick up socks, or anything cloth and bring it to you.  We have to watch out if the laundry room door is open!  With a face like his, how could we resist?  He is not only majestic in size but has an extremely clever and intuitive mind.  We have never had a Golden this smart!  He has figured out how to push the gate forward, in order to pull it open!  We had to install a special latch so he couldn't figure it out!  He loves to play chase and meet new people, especially the kids in the neighborhood.  We are so Lucky to have our sweet little boy LUCKY who has us wrapped around his finger with his silly antics!  Lucky, with his blocky head, large stature and beautiful deep chocolate eyes is majestic and regal.  When you meet him it is instantly clear why he has so many championships to his name.

Lola the mother.jpg


This little one is not only loyal, but the caretaker.  She is always first on the scene and making sure everyone is doing what they are supposed to! Always ready to tell on one of her fellow partners in crime, she lets us know if anyone is in trouble, such as Lucky if he picks up a sock! We love this little girl, not only for her totally clear health clearances and gorgeous build, but due to her gentle heart.  If you are having a hard day, she instantly can tell and will make sure she gives you some extra love!  Her intuitive nature makes her the best of mothers!  Non-pulsed by a big breed, she has whelped beautiful puppies and everyone comments on how calm she is with her little pups.  A natural athlete she loves to run and jump and play ball.  She is always to first to play catch and the quickest to retrieve!



We have raised Lila since she was a puppy and she stole our hearts from day one!  Her sweet and kind nature is amazing!  This girl is the most LOYAL and will follow you anywhere, including the cookie jar!  She loves to lay on your feet and enjoys a good hug and "loves".  She has a beautiful strong body and everywhere we go people can't believe how gorgeous she is!  We get comments that she is the whitest golden they have ever seen.  We couldn't agree more, not only about her looks, but her kind personality.  This makes for the best of mothers.  She is so kind and sweet with her puppies and takes the best care of them!  Due to her gentle, sweet nature her pups will be sweet natured.  We couldn't ask for a better girl!

Dashers Awards.jpg


We are taking reservation now for the end of the Fall 2021

Pups will have updated vaccinations, micro-chipped,  Veterinarian Health Certificate & Health guarantee
, Pedigree, and several de-wormed when ready to go to a new home.


Total cost for limited registration pups ranges from $2,500 to $3000 Full registration reserve for the first pick for $3500 only for pre-approved families. We are taking deposits for future litters.

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Previous Litter for both Lola and Lila

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